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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 3, 2000
Hello there,

We have a situation where a customer needs to calibrate HP 8991A Peak Power
Analyser & this includes Measurement of Instrumentation Uncertainty. The
customer is referring to Calibration guide Part no. 08991-90023 - Page-1-12
to 1-17. The software (on Floppy disk part no. 08991-10003) provided
along-with the manual to run the above-mentioned Instrumentation uncertainty
test, needs to be run on a HP 9000 series 200/300 Computer. All other
equipment needed to run this test is available with the customer & is stuck
only at this position being unable to run this program which is in
LIF-format Floppy.

1. As the HP 9000 series 200/300 computer is obsolete how can the customer
view & run the program provided on the diskette. This software also needs HP
BASIC to be running on the computer.

2. Is the same test program available in WIN95 or DOS format. Can the same
program be run on any Win95-based computer & would HP-BASIC for Windows be
required. If yes, pls send the software to me as e-mail attachment.

3. The customer has HP VEE 5.0 with HP 82341C HP-IB Interface card. Can we
load the above test program into VEE & run the same from VEE as VEE supports

I look forward to any assistance from the group.

Thanks & Best regards,

Kiran Anand
Customer Engineer
TMI Support.
Emitac Ltd., P.O. Box-8391,
Block-B, Arenco Bldg.,
Zabeel Road, Dubai, UAE.
Ph:    971-4-3377591
Fax:  971-4-3370899

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