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Attach sch symbol and usermodel to part in part selector

Question asked by splatt on Jun 21, 2005
This post provides instructions for attaching a custom schematic symbol to a part and assigning a usermodel to the part in the part selector. This article assumes that the user is familiar with adding parts to a custom parts library in Genesys, creating a new usermodel, creating a custom schematic symbol.

[To read about how to create a custom schematic symbol see the post entitled "how to make and use a custom schematic symbol" or go to this link: ... ic?id=1851

For information on how to used the part selector and create custom models review the post called "Using the Genesys parts picker and creating new parts" or go to this link: ... ic?id=1280]

To begin, select any part and copy it to your part selector library. To do this right-click on any part and select copy to and then choose your library. Next, go the part library you copied to and right-click on that part. Choose properties. Expand the sections until you find model, model set, symbol, and symbol set. Change the model and model set to read

model_name@location of model

where model_name is the name of the usermodel and "location of the model is the path to the workspace that contains the usermodel. If the location of the model has spaces use "" around the location path.

Attaching a symbol is similar. This time you will change the value of symbol and symbol set. The workspace that contains the custom schematic symbol has to reside in the Genesys bin directory, located at C:\\program file\\Genesys2004.07\\bin. It will not work unless it is in that directory, even if you have "" around the path location. Name this one:


Since your file is saved in the bin directory, you will not need a path. For example, if your schematic symbol is called Cap103 and your workspace was called Symbols.wsp then you would type


You may need to restart Genesys for the symbol to update.