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Multiple substrates connected to discontinuity at node xxx

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on May 18, 2005
Multiple substrates connected to discontinuity at node xxx

(I'd swear that I've posted this before, but I was unable
to find the post recently, so you may see a duplicate somewhere...)

If you receive the warning message (within Genesys warnings) as
shown above, the cause is a simple internal mis-mapping of references
and the fix is very easy....

Just go to the schematic (the warning usually gives a clue as to its source)
Click once on the schematic to make it "current"
From main menu choose "Edit", then "Parms, All Parts".
Then just hold down the ENTER key to cycle through all parts.
This resets the internal references.  The error will go away on next
recalculation.  (You can move a port off the circuit then back on or alter
some other part to force a recalculation if necessary).

By the way- the node number mentioned may be a number that you
can't find anywhere on the schematic.  These can be nodes internal
to the models, not visible at the surface level on the schematic.