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EMPOWER layer settings

Question asked by LOUISALAIMO on Aug 24, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2007 by SERGEYTRU
I'm using EMPOWER Simulator for UHF planar PCB antennas in free space.  Two questions:

1) I'm not sure how to set air height and box size for most accurate results.  I get different results depending on the air height used and size of EMPOWER box.  One design is a flat broadband dipole with 7" x 8" elements.  It's model looks reasonable with air height set to 8 inches, but varies considerably with larger values.  I need to simulate smaller elements, but I don't trust that the air height setting is correct for smaller geometry/higher frequencies.

2) Box covers.  Since I'm trying to simulate free space, I tried to set covers to semi-infinte waveguides, per help instructions.  This didn't seem to work - I only get reasonable results using an electrical cover model with 377 ohm impedance.  What is best free space model?