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Genesys and Ultra Wideband Antenna EM simulations

Question asked by EVAN_eesof on Aug 9, 2007
Hi there,

I’m an electrical engineering undergraduate, and I’m doing my final year project thesis on a planar UWB antenna design. My supervisor has assigned me to use GENESYS to simulate a design before proceeding to fabrication. I am having trouble trying to get the ‘right’ results.

I have been attempting to replicate the results of several other simple designs found in academic literature to verify and set the correct configuration of the software before I proceed with my own design.

Specifically, I the design I have tried to replicate the results is the CPW and Microstrip Disc Monopoles found on pages pp98-102 and 114-116 respectively found in this person’s thesis: ... ianxin.pdf

The simulation file for my adaptation of the antenna structure in GENESYS can be found here:

Now, one of two things happens when I try to run the simulator:
1)The S11 results are nowhere near the required -10dB value over the frequency range of 3-10GHz, or
2)The program runs out of memory / crashes.

It is my understanding that the mesh grid needs to be very fine, due to the fact that UWB antennas do not tolerate sharp discontinuities in their structure, and the compact nature of the ground plane and feedline. It is important to note that the impedance of an UWB monopole antenna is dependant on the length of feedline.

However I am unsure if I have got the parameters in the EMPOWER Layers tab correctly set. I think I got the physical antenna structure layers set properly, I just have no idea what are the proper settings for the air and top/bottom covers are.

I would very much appreciate if anyone could nudge me in the right direction, as I am close to tearing my hair out over this!

- Evan