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V2006.04 access problem

Question asked by etakac on May 15, 2006
Latest reply on May 28, 2006 by JERRY_MARKETOS
I am experiencing difficulties in getting G2006.04 to boot up.  I have a hardware key and tried to upload the authorization codes through the Internet, but a message echoed back that my key was obsolete.  I have a hasp key (V4.98), that is on file at Eagleware .  I am on paid maintenance through the end of this year.

I was then given a demo ticket number by one of the sales reps, and tried to boot up the program using a 30 day software key.  I temporarily removed the hardware key while using the demo number.  When I tried to authorize the software, the echoed message was that the demo number was not not valid. 

The key provided me in email form lists the version as 2005.12 (along with the cipher for my account), and I need to boot up V2006.04.  Please help me break up this logjam.

Ed Takacs
Array Wireless