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bExtraction of the phase from a two channel receiver?/b

Question asked by wwes on May 16, 2005
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2005 by mschif

How can someone accuratly simulate direction of arrival from a two channel receiver in systemview?

If a sinusoidal signal is to travel through both channels, however in the one channel, the signal is delayed by a certain period, which is set by the variable delay component, which represents a phase shift of the signal in the one channel. This signal is passed through the one chain of the receiver, while the other non-delayed signal is passed through the other chain.

Both these signals have a 1IF downconversion stage to 10.7 MHZ from the respective RF frequencies. How can one accurately extract the phase shift between the channels?

At the moment, i am multiplying the two channels via an ordinary multiplier and then LPF at 10 MHz after LPF and reading the amplitude of the output of the LPF. Would this represent the phase difference between the signals in voltage levels?

What does the phase computation represent in the sink? And how does one read the values, or what do the values represent?