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How to use the 2007 reporting to copy all windows

Question asked by mlabro on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2007 by NWHITE
Let's consider a wsx example created with mfilter and which contains mfilter parameters (passband, rippple,...), optimization goals, layout, simulation, schematics,... what is the procedure with 2007 new reporting to copy all stuff in a document ?
I was asking this feature for years and if it works, I will be very happy because it takes a lot of time to make print screens and add all in word or pdf document to go to a meeting and to make readable backups.

Can we also copy SFilter sf$ history in this report (how we finally got the good transforms) ? Ounce printed, this history could help to start a new filter with same kind of topology
without the need to open another sf$ (by the way, do sf$ still exist or at least included in the wsx ?)

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