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Simple LRC circuit with square wave signal inpu

Question asked by rpmorrow on Mar 22, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2007 by MZachmann
I'm new to ADS so I'm kinda hoping that i'm just missing something obvious here. Please give me some tips if you have any ideas about the following problem.

I'm trying to get to grips with the software, so I thought I'd try to simulate something that I'm familiar with in real life.
I would like to be able to simulate a simple series connected LRC circuit and send square wave pulses into one end. At around the resonant frequency I would excpect to see a voltage rise across the capacitor.

I would like to be able to sweep the input frequency so that I can draw a graph of output voltage vs frequency.

I've tried transient simulation as well as AC and DC sims, but I'm not really sure if I'm doing the right thing.

I couldn't attach a zap file so I put it on my website. You can download it from the link below.

This is just a series connected LRC circuit. If the input signal is a sinewave then the top graph is sort of what i'm looking for, but if you disable the AC input and use the square wave signal then the output shows 0.
Maybe I need to sweep the input frequency within a set timescale so that the bottom transient graph would show me what I'm looking for. Is it possible to se the sweep to do this?

Can anyone point me to a tutorial of this nature, or just give me a few pionters?

Thanks, Rich