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Question asked by etakac on Jan 26, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2006 by pkarasev
How do you output, in either tabular or graphical form, a specific value or set of values from a matrix value.  In a previous posting, Sergey suggested that individual matrix elements could be identified with the notation V[h,p], where h is the harmonic number and p is the port number.  This was associated with the large signal S parameter functions in G2005.   I have looked at the workspaces that were supplied on the Large signal S parameter posting, and none seem to give the correct answers-ie the large signal model data and the linear model data do not match at small signal conditions.  I was then attempting to hard code the calculation (ie use the equations as shown in the Large signal library function), but was unable at this point to manipulate the data.   I also would like to know what is the variable that describes available voltage at a port (to identify total incident power for the Large S parameter calculation.