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pcb border and anti-copper as objects

Question asked by mlabro on Mar 8, 2005
For catv amplifiers and filters with F connectors and alu housings, I often need to draw a pcb border very complex (locations for screws, holes around the pcb for walls...)

Q1 : how can we draw a border in layout which will appear or not on the layout and on the printer ?

Q2 : suppose I have done a rectangular cutout on a pcb edge for F signal pin and want to transform the rectangular extremity to a rounded extremity. How can I achieve that ?

Q3 : Suppose I have a complex border with several cutouts around it. How can I simulate the filter in EM ? Do I need to consider this border or a standard rectangular grid ?

Q4 : I don't like the way we remove copper from ground plane in genesys. In orcad you define isolation for each net and pad, you draw "obstacle, anti-copper" with any shape which can be drawned, stretched, modified,copied... and run "refresh and ground plane combines all anti-copper to make a very beautiful ground plane. Isn't it possible to improve this feature in a next release ? It is easier to process existing thin anti-copper objects than holes with scissors in a ground plane