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M/Filter problems 2006.07

Question asked by jogden on Jan 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2007 by MZachmann
While optimizing designs in M/Filter...I've encountered numerous issues.  The strangest of which is while optimizing - occasionally all dimensions will change to "1.#QO".  I've not found a way to recover from this.  I'll have to stop then start the design over again.

Also - I'm not sure if this a bug or if I'm doing something wrong...  If I change the units of the program to GHz (Tools, Options, Units)...then start an M/Filter synthesis it still asks me for the cutoff frequencies in MHz.  So say I enter cutoffs of 4500 and 5000 MHz.

Now - the optimization fails because the rest of the program is set to GHz.  If I open the optimization propers that M/Filter created (MFilter1_Goal) the frequencies in the Min and Max columns are shown in MHz (ie 4500 to 5000), however the program treats these as GHz (4500-5000 GHz).  The optimization won't work because the frequencies are way outside the range of the analysis.

Thoughts on this?