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tune 2006.07 : displaying original, better and best curves

Question asked by mlabro on Sep 14, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2006 by mlabro
I have some troubles with tune function in 2006.07. It has been improved and seems very powerful so, I investigate it in detail.

When I start a schematics and tune (ie: getting started example) the original state (R=50;C=1000pF) remains on the screen while I am tuning C1.C.

When I want to save, I have warnings because it can't save original. Is it normal ? I could understand it can't save but why to warn about it because there is no other choice ! Why not saving this "original" dataset
if needed ?

I can create "better" and "best" curves as in the manual. I suppose I need to use the floppy icon to save these states because otherwise, they don't appear anymore in the list box.

When I want to save, I have warnings because it can't save original, better and best. Is it normal ? Again, why can't we save these 3 datasets ?
Of course, when I reload the file, the three states have disappeard even if I used the floppy icon.

If I try to tune another time, the response changes but the "original" is not displayed anymore on the screen while tuning. Is there an option to leave the curve displayed or, in another words, why the original diplayed only at first run of the schematics ? I have seen that .original appears in the graph properties but why only once ?

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