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Substrate definition not working with text file

Question asked by jbeck on Feb 16, 2005
I have recently installed 2004.7 in place of Ver 6.5.  All of my design files are texted based as I find it is faster for me to code a design.  The converted file works fine as long as I am not using MLI.  The converter in 2004.7 replaces my SUB definition with:
  SUB Default
I had a filter design with about 35 MLI statements that worked fine in 6.5 and in real life.  Very good agreement between theory and reality.  2004.7 showed it not working at all. 
  To help simplify it I created a file with just a transmission line it it.  I have attached this file,  As you will see you can change the information in subtrate and there will be no change in the curve.