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Using Equations for Complex Calculations

Question asked by ABOMPA on Dec 15, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2006 by MZachmann
Ok I admit understanding the details of using equations is not my strong point, and yes I tried to use the help file , but is still a bit thin in the example category.. I am trying to perform a simple calculation..  What I am attempting to do is to determine the capacitance looking at the output of a PA.. I plotted the output ompedance ZIN2 on the smith chart, and low and behold it is capacitance.. I want to calculate the capacitance across the band of interest.. So, what I need to do is apply the simple equation:

Cout=1/2*PI*F*Xc, where Xc is the complex impedance which we know as Zin2.. The problem I am having is in using the equations to forfill this. I tried using the equation wizrd to insert Zin2 , but my choices are either real, or imaginary..  Is there a rectangular so I can calculate the entire vector?  How can I perfom this simple calculation?