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Genesys2006.04: Demo codes Crypkey service related crash

Question asked by vhlopez on Aug 9, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2006 by MZachmann
Background information
Genesys and systemView Demo licenses (a.k.a. demo tickets) create a service called "Crypkey" to manage the demo codes. This service is started automatically at bootup and runs until the demo codes expiration date.

Reported incompatibility
A customer reports that the service crypkey is creating a crash (blue screen) when the Symantec/Veritas backup server is running (see link below for information on Veritas):

Symantec Veritas page

once the service is removed, the system (O.S.) doesn't crash anymore. The reason for this crash is currently unknown (as of 08/09/2006)