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Why do my graphs auto-scale when I adjust Filter properties?

Question asked by proseg on Aug 3, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2006 by genesys_support
A customer recently e-mailed me with the following question:

While using the FILTER synthesis module, GENESYS changes the graph settings whenever I change a filter property. I tried turning off
'Auto-Scale' in Graph Properties but every time I change a filter
property, the auto-scale is turned back on.

It is very time consuming to have to reset the graph properties every time I change a filter property. Is there any way to prevent the program from changing the graph properties when I change the filter properties?

The direct answer to the above question is "No, there is not a way to prevent GENESYS from turning on 'Auto-Scale' when filter properties are changed".

However, what he is seeing is the intended operation of the Synthesis modules (one of which is FILTER): when filter properties change, everything the filter "owns" (meaning, in this example, everything that is created when a user selects Synthesis >> Add Passive Filter) is recalculated to reflect the current filter properties. This is why 'Auto-Scale' is turned back on when a property has changed: it's as if the user just added another filter and deleted the old one.

The way to get around this is rather simple: create a graph that the FILTER module does not "own". Add a new graph by making the selections  Graphs >> Add Rectangular graph, and make it point to the dataset for the filter's analysis. Simply set up the measurements and axes as desired, and now you have a graph that will reflect the filter's analysis, but not Auto-Scale every time a property is changed.

I've attached an example workspace (created in 2006.07, but it opens in 2006.04 as well) that shows a possible end-result of taking the steps listed above.