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Marking a group of components for tuning

Question asked by dstathop on Feb 11, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2005 by RANDY_RHEA
First of all the last version of eagleware that I used was 6.0.

Recently I installed the version 8.0 demo and was impressed with the strides that eagleware had made.  Except that you guys removed one item that I always found useful.  There used to exist an option to select a bunch of components and then go to the edit menu and select, "add ? mark to components for tuning". 

Unfortunately I couldn't find a similar method in the new version of eagleware, an easy way to select a bunch of components and make them tunable.

As an aside I showed Eagleware's tuning ability to one of the hardware technical leads here and his reaction was, WOW that is fast [emphasis his].