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graph scaling preset

Question asked by grosloulou on Aug 17, 2011
it would be nice if i could have a default preset for graphs similar to my network analyzer :
RL : ref=0db, 5dB/div, 10div on left
insertion loss : ref:0dB, 1dB/div, 10div on right
i think by default it is autoscale, 8div,... so it is tedious to change all parameters at each simulation. This has been asked for 6 years !

Perhaps, it could be intersting to define several presets it would be nice but it is not a must.

same stands for filter module... it would be nice to define the frequency range of graphs. for instance if i create a 65MHz lowpass filter, i usually use a 200MHz span. perhaps by default genesys will choose 90MHz span if i had declare cutoff frequency at 90MHz so i must change 90 to 200 and if i change filter parameters it creates little trouble to come back to 90MHz while i would be happy it remains on 200MHz span to notice the improvement over the 90-200M range

best regards