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Genesys PCB Layout Capability

Question asked by jeff_philips on Oct 19, 2010
Dear Genesys,

I currently use a high-end PCB layout package called Altium Designer to create PCB layouts for my RF designs.  Traditionally, I have modeled the RF portions of my designs in Genesys and then manually transferred them to my Altium Designer PCB layout.  Ideally, I'd like to use one software package for schematic capture, PCB layout (including creation of Gerber, drill, netlist, and pick-and-place files), and RF modeling.  My designs are fairly elaborate and contain both RF and digital portions.  For example, one of my designs contained 1,400 vias.  I've used Genesys' layout tool sparingly and only for very simple RF only designs.  Genesys' layout tool doesn't appear to have the capability I need.  Is anyone out there using Genesys' layout tool to create moderately complex RF/digital PCB layouts?  My license provides only the basic linear simulator.  Do I need an additional license for the layout feature?

Thank you, Jeff Philips