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Momentum GX incorrect S11 calculation

Question asked by RADIOONE on Nov 19, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2008 by SERGEYTRU
I have a problem using 2008.07 SP1 Final build. I am trying to simulate a simple dipole antenna. I have tried using the simple dipole example in the antenna directory. I add a Momentum analysis and change the port number to 1 (as momentum does not like a missing lower number). Set the same frequency range (2 to 3 GHz) select microwave mode and run the simulation. On looking at the S11 data I find it gives a positive result for S11 (in dB). It looks as if the sign is wrong as the resulting curve is upside down. I have tried starting from scratch with a new workspace, but I always get a positive result for S11. Could this be a problem that only exists with a floating internal port?