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Different ways to launch the optimizer MFilter

Question asked by JERRY_MARKETOS on Jul 12, 2005
Different ways to launch the optimizer   optimization MFilter Synthesis Layout

There are (presently, version 2004.07) three possible places from which Optimization can be launched:
a) From main menu "Actions", "Optimize".....
b) From the folder tree by right-clicking a set of Optimization targets.....
c) From within the MFilter synthesis module by clicking "Optimize" after performing a Synthesis....

All of the approaches above invoke optimization in the same manner.  It's basically three
different ways to activate the optimizer, but there is one subtle difference you should know about:

Methods "a" and "b" do the exact same thing.  Method "c" is slightly different.  Not different in how
it optimizes, but slightly different in what it does when the optimizer is stopped.  If the optimizer
was started using approach "a" or "b", then clicking the "stop" button merely stops the optimizer
and does nothing else.  If the optimizer was started using approach "c" (clicking the "optimize" button
in the MFilter synthesis module), then a couple of steps are added when the optimizer "stop" button
is clicked.  Here's why:  When optimizing a filter that consists of physical transmission line segments
such as what the MFilter synthesis process creates, what's really being changed by the optimizer is
a bunch of physical line dimensions - lengths, widths, gaps etc.  Knowing this, then when the optimizer
is stopped, it's safe to assume that a bunch of physical dimensions have been changed, and this will
leave the layout looking in disarray.  MFilter knows this, so it adds a couple of simple steps when the
optimization process was launched from within MFilter and then stopped...  In the layout, MFilter
does a CTRL-A (select all items in layout), then from the main layout menu, executes the
operation "connect selected parts", then "center selected on page".  This cleans up the layout.
Thus, from the perspective of optimization, nothing is done differently.  But when you stop an optimization
that was started by pressing the "optimize" button within MFilter, it's the same thing as doing the

Pressing "stop" to stop the optimizer (in "regular" fashion)
Clicking once in the layout window to make it the current window
Pressing CTRL-A to select ALL items in the layout
Selecting main menu at top, "Layout", then "Connect selected parts"
Selecting main menu at top, "Layout", then "Center selected on page".

Bottom line:  I'd recommend when using the MFilter synthesis module, initiate optimization
by clicking the "Optimize" button within the MFilter synthesis module.

Also note in LAYOUT, you can always use the CTRL-A, "connect selected..." and "center selected..."
functions, regardless of whether a synthesis module is present.

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