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50R S-parameters to 37.5R &059 lib files

Question asked by mlabro on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2007 by JERRY_MARKETOS
I need to design a bfg198 bipolar push-pull with etc1-1-13 macom balun and each branch must be 37.5R.
I am going to make a special feedback around the bfg198 to reach the gain and 37.5R impedance at both ports. Perhaps a stupid question but can I use 50R S parameters found in your S-parameters bfg198 file and use them like that in a 37.5R config ? Shouldn't be a "mismatch" ?

models should be better. I am not sure the Philips bipolar lib files available in genesys directories and coming from old datasheets extrapolation could be really accurate above 100MHz.
Don't you know more reliable source ? I have found RF libraries for intusoft spice,... on the net. Did you heard about it ?

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