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Checkboxes in component properties

Question asked by jeff_philips on Jun 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2007 by NWHITE
Dear Eagleware,

I have Genesys 2007.03 installed on my PC.  I created a new workspace from the Linear Simulation template.  I can no longer make any of the components in the schematic tunable.  For example, if I open the 'L1' Properties window and click on the Tune checkbox for the inductance, no green check mark appears.  The checkbox's background color changes from white to light gray, but L1 does not appear in the tuning window.  I can make (by clicking on the checkbox) a green checkmark appear in only the Show checkbox for DC resistance .  I cannot make a green checkmark appear in any other checkbox in the "Use Default", "Tune", or "Show" columns; actually, clicking on the "Check Defaults" or "Show All" buttons at the bottom of the window does put green checkmarks in the boxes.  Same story for the other components in the schematic.

I did reinstall Genesys 2007.03, but it made no difference.  Also, I believe this feature worked fine (in Genesys 2007.03) before I installed a schematic/PCB layout program from Altium.  My coworker has both Genesys 2007.03 and Altium installed on his PC, and he doesn't have this problem.

Apparently one of the installation people in Santa Rosa is supposed to call me, but so far no one has.

Thanks, Jeff Philips