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Ideal Components in =FILTER=

Question asked by jross on Feb 28, 2006
Latest reply on May 6, 2006 by MZachmann
I have been a user of =FILTER= since the DOS days and I wonder if there is a way to quickly do the following:

To REPLACE/CONVERT all CAPQ models with a better model using just a command after a filter is synthesised.

eg I previously create my own more detailed model for a cap using series L series C and Q etc and the 'new' command replaces all the caps in the default synthesis with my new custom model (using default values for stray L and Q etc that I specify. I could even make the defaults frequency sensitive with an equation).

The same for the inductorQ models in the default synthesis.

At present I have to do all this manually which takes time on high order filters. If the bandwidth or stopband alters after this (it always does...) and I need to add an extra order to the filter than I have to start again and mod all the Caps and Inductors to the better model manually.