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Getting Started with GENESYS

Question asked by splatt on Dec 20, 2004
Following are some references for getting started with GENESYS:


Eagleware provides a wide assortment of training material to help
the new user getting started with Genesys as well as the experienced
user who wants to expound on their Genesys knowledge. These resources

*  online videos
*  design examples
*  user guides
*  application notes
*  An interactive forum to post questions to EaglewareStaff and
   other Genesys users.

Where to begin:

Begin by starting the Genesys software and getting familiarized with
the Genesys environment. When you start the software there is a handy
utility screen where you can open a previously saved workspace or
create a new synthesis. You can also close this screen and start
with a blank Genesys workspace.

For a great overview of the Genesys workspace, see the video #1025 at:

(Go to the link above, then scroll down the page and view video #1025)

Here is a quick list and description of things that you will see in
the Genesys environment:

*  In the center of the screen, you will see a blank schematic where
   you can add elements to create a design.

*  On the top of the screen you will see some menus. The top most menu
   is the 'Main Genesys Menu'. Below that you will see toolbars. One of
   these toolbars has buttons called 'Lumped', 'Linear', 'NonLinear',
   etc... When you click these buttons a floating window will appear
   where you can select a part to put into the schematic.

*  On the right-side of the screen is a part selector. Here you can also
   search for a part and select parts to add to the schematic. You can
   close the part selector by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner
   of the selector window.

*  On the left-side of the screen are two windows seperated by a divider.
   The top one is the tune window, which is used for tuning part values
   and the bottom one is a folder tree that contains analyses,
   designs, graphs, optimizations, etc. To add and item click the "add
   item" button just above the folder tree.

There are a number of resources available to
help you get started with Genesys:

*  Become familiarized with the Genesys help. This is a very valuable tool
   It contains a complete set of Genesys Manuals and has two books
   written by Randy Rhea about Oscillator and Filter Design. To use the Help,
click Main Menu Help/Contents. Here you can browse through help by
   tobic. In there you will see a Getting started topic. Read through the
   getting started information in the help. If you want to search for a
   particular thing in help but are unsure where it is located, click search
   and type the topic.

*  Genesys contains a wide assortment of examples. If you need an example
   of a component that you want to create, then open the examples. You can
   get there by clicking Main Menu File/Open Example and choosing one of the
   examples to open.

*  After you have read through these resources, go back to the web and begin
   watching the other videos for additional help.

*  There are also Genesys Training Classes available from many U.S. and
   world-wide locations. Contact your Eagleware Sales person for locations
   and times of these sessions.

This information will help you to come up to speed using Genesys
in a very short time.  If you have specific questions after using
the material referenced above, feel free to email