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HB Small Signal Analysis in GoldenGate

Question asked by TNAKA on Mar 23, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2008 by nacim1

I can't find any category for GoldenGate.
So I build a thread of GoldenGate in this RFDE category.

In RFDE, "port" and "vsource" in analogLib have instance parameters of "pacmag" or "pacdbm" which are originally for PAC and QPAC analysis of Cadence SpectreRF.
But these parameters of "pacmag" or "pacdbm" are valid even in HB small signal analysis in Spectre compatible mode of ADSsim.

So I can excecute PSS/PAC, QPSS/QPAC of SpectreRF and HBSS of ADSsim using completely same test bench schematics.
Only one difference is how to set frequency for small signal. SpectreRF setting is absolute frequency while ADSsim setting is relative(offset) frequency.

Now I'm moving to GoldenGate from RFDE since our local Agilent sales forced us to purchase high price Goldengate.

But I can't find how to execute HB SS analysis in GoldenGate. :'(
At least, it seems that "pacmag" or "pacdbm" parameters of "port" and "vsource" are not valid in GoldenGate.

What component and parameter should I use for HB SS analysis in GoldenGate ? ???