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Setup to use spectre models in RFDE

Question asked by FCHASTEL on Oct 2, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2008 by nacim1
Hi all,

I am trying to find how to setup cadence in order to be able to use my umc18 spectre model with RFDE2008. First can I use the models without proceeding to any kind of generation of RFDE comaptible models? second, is there any document describing clearly how the analog environment should be set up?
Currently I try to use the original spectre models. I have check ed compatibility and they seem usable. I point to them in the analog environment (model libraries tab) but then the simulation stops and I get the following message:

ds2psf_exe--ERROR: Cannot access file /.../.../.../.../data.ds

ds2psf was unsuccessful. PSF files are not availble for this simulation.

If someone could help? as is often the case, I am lost in the huge amount of RFDE manuals and can't find a clear description on how I should setup my simulation environment...