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minor feature request (equation comments)

Question asked by LLASCA_eesof on Jul 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2008 by NWHITE
for the equation block I would request one of two things (maybe both):

1) a block comment operator; like /* asldkfjasldfkjas */ in C

2) a "comment block" icon on the equations toolbar. (comments out highlighted text).  This exists in the visual studio editor (hence how I got the idea).

I'm working on some circuits today where I'm moving sets of parameters from one workspace to another and I would like to be able to comment out the old ones without going to each line and commenting them out.

In trying to fix things, a simple copy-> paste and comment out the old to edit hte new would be a great way to work on equation/script stuff.

Thanks for considering it.