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Touchstone file format Standard

Question asked by mikejvir- on Apr 3, 2008
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     I have one question and one request.  I am using Genesys to create S-parameter data files for our products.  We measure the product and then de-embed (using the negation 2 port element with the Y output parameter) down to the package pins.

1)      How do I save the data in DB/Angle format instead of Mag/Angle format?

2)      I am having problems with the file format for 3 port devices (.s3p).  There may be problems with higher port devices also.  I am in the process of generating S-parameter data that any our customer can use in their EDA.  Needless to say the data is not being read correctly by another vendor.  I have determined this is a two fold problem and related to the history of this file format.  The problem on the Genesys side is the data is not being outputted to the standard Agilent created for a Touchstone format a couple of years ago (my direct communication with Agilent). ... spec11.pdf

The standard says the data for a s3p file should be

3-port network description
<frequency value>  <N11> <N12> <N13>
<N21> <N22> <N23>
<N31> <N32> <N33>

Here is a sample of the data the Genesys (2007.08) output file for the 3 port file

# GHz S MA R 50

0.1000 0.062660396 7.908622694 0.000186312 81.503841366 0.930614597 -2.668771841
     0.000214462 77.163032868
     0.031882100 8.924963295 0.000041208 56.700693579
     0.932111477 -2.690371841 0.000025489 86.607916795
     0.062948318 8.027647628


<frequency value>  <N11> <N12> <N13>
<N22> <N23>
<N31> <N32>

Also, they prefer TAB keys not be not be used, but in the second to fifth lines they are used for the indent.  Can you modify the output to confirm to the Agilent standard put out two years ago?  



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