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RFDE is not opening through VNC

Question asked by KUPRASAD on Nov 15, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2007 by KUPRASAD
If you are facing problem while opening RFDE through VNC and getting the error/warning like:
"Agilent Technologies
RF Design Environment
*WARNING* file /gfs/ind/tcsnas02/home_01/kuprasad/CDS.log File is already locked by some other process.
*ERROR* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor or 8-bit PseudoColor Visual.
*WARNING* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor or 8-pbit PseudoColor Visual
"  then this is because of display setting.

Error message:      

ERROR* Failed to find either 24-bit TrueColor or 8-bit PseudoColor Visual.

Problem statement:       

You have installed a shareware program called "cygwin" on Window and used cygwin, which is similar to vnc or exceed, to log into a Solaris workstation. However, when trying to run icfb in your Window PC, you got the above error. How to fix this problem?

This error is caused by running icfb on a remote machine and sending the display back to the local PC running the X server program(i.e. cygwin) whose color mode setting is something other than 8-bit (256 colors). Cadence tools (i.e. icfb) require that you should have at least one of the following configuration:
1) an 8 bit visual,
2) a 24 bit visual
3) 24 bit visual with 8 bit pseudocolor visual

Therefore, in your PC, you will need to change the color quality setting to 256 colors instead of 16/32 bit and then icfb will launch without such error any more.

Note: Cadence does not provide customer support for the use of third-party display tools to access its tools. While there are no guarantees, these settings may help you with your Cygwin window access to the Cadence tools.