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Question asked by jross on Oct 22, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by MZachmann
Please can you improve the HELP index

eg the word 'model' doesn't even appear!

I've been using eagleware for many years and never had problems creating custom models.

This stuff appears under 'user model' in the 2007 index.
The help (for custom models) that is provided isn't as thorough as the help in Genesys2004.


Creating a User Model is identical to creating a design. In fact, there is no difference between a User Model and a design other than the icon shown on the tree. You can tell GENESYS that you intend to use a design as a User Model by

right-click the design

Select Properties

Set the Intent of the design to Model

Click OK

Once the design property says the intent is as a model the design is automatically included in the Workspace Models section of the Change Model option for all parts.

This is sloppy...

What does 'right click the design' actually mean?

Does this refer to the schematic? Right clicking the 'designs' folder doesn't work.

I can find the intent checkbox under the schematic general properties tab. eg right click the schematic
then select the general tab and then select Electrical Model as the intent.

I've followed the other instructions but the model I get at the end of it doesn't behave correctly. i.e. it doesn't behave as per the schematic I used to create it.

In comparison, the User Model Example: A Self Resonant Capacitorsection in the help section of 2004 was really thorough and helpful. It was  written by someone who genuinely wanted to help the user. Whoever wrote the user model section in the 2007 help section must have been in a hurry!

Because I can't get my models to work in 2007 I'm once again reverting to 2004.

Out of interest, nearly all engineers here are still using 2004. (we have 6 seats shared between maybe 15 engineers)

Also, 2007 is really slow, especially when tuning using PGUP and PGDWN. 2004 is way faster for the same circuit when using microstrip.

Also I'm using the Sonnet Interface and there are some annoying timeout nag boxes in Genesys 2007 that weren't in 2004. It appears that unless I respond to these then Genesys fails to detect the end of the Sonnet simulation and I have to abort and start again. This is messy and means I can't run the sim unattended. CAn these nag boxes be turned off? Maybe I'm missing something...