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How to import graphics under RFDE to MS Word

Question asked by TNAKA on Jun 17, 2003
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2004 by DJOHNSON
Using HPGL filter provided by,
you can import graphics under RFDE to MS Word/PowerPoint.

First get HPGL filter from microsoft.
See EEsof Knowledge Center>Support Documents>MDS>MDS Misc
Document ID :133.469, "HPGL import filter in MS Word, Excel",

Add the following in your "$HOME/.cdsplotinit".

hp7440pm|Hewlett-Packard 7440 Polygon Mode: \
       :manufacturer=Hewlett-Packard: \
       :type=hp7440pm: \
       :maximumPages#1: \
       :resolution#1016: \
       :white#1:black#1:red#6:yellow#4:green#5:cyan#2:blue#5:magenta#4: \
       :paperSize="A" 10000 7200:  \
       :paperSize="A4" 10000 7200:

Now you can plot to file as HPGL in RFDE,
then import it to MS Word, etc.

:o Color mapping is not cool.