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SFilter more examples

Question asked by mlabro on Jun 27, 2007
For years I have difficulties to achieve with SFilter my symetrical bandpass filters centered on F0 between 10 and 700MHz (see my other new post on the forum for 76-84M bp filter). I always block on a transform and on a too big inductor. So, I use classical filter soft.
I think however than ounce a complete sf$ done for a filter, this history can be used for plenty of other filters.
So, more sf$ examples would be helpful for me and if possible, an example based on my 76-84M request would help me very much. I explained in this post a transform I used from Zverev to make the filter symetrical that I don't find in sfilter. It is like designing a top C with bad upper attenuation and transforming a part of topc into tubular (two grounded LC linked with a cap become two series inductors with a middle grounded cap).

Thanks for more sf$ examples and one day I hope for years, complete integration of sf$ (parameters, history,...) into sfilter as you did for filter and mfilter.

Bbest regards