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vrf HP E2075 GPIO

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 22, 2000

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> Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 3:12 PM
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> Subject: vrf HP E2075 GPIO
> Hello,
> Does anyone have any experience programming an HP E2075 GPIO
> with VEE?  The card seems to have installed easily and is
> recognized by Win95, HP I/O config utility and VEE.
> However, when I have tried to set output patterns I
> have not been successful. 
> I import sicl32.dll with a mysicl.h definition file.
> Have I missed anything, any ideas, examples?
> Thanks,
> Marvin Marcott
> DOT/FAALC Oklahoma City, OK
> AML-4040, Automated Test Systems (ATS) Engineering
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Hi Marvin,

Our postsales WWW page has much to say about
the HP E2075 GPIO card, including:

  1: Note that VEE only supports access to the GPIO card in a
  fixed configuration (one appropriate for communicating with
  the 3852 data acquisition box's 44702 fast DMM). If you try to
  simply blast bits out of it to a device, it won't handshake
  and VEE will time out.

  To allow it to auto-handshake, you have to either wire PFLAG
  back to PCTL through an external hardware inverter -- or short
  PFLAG to PCTL (pin 19 to 44) and check the "PFLAG: Hi = Ready"
  box in the E2075 configuration of the IO Config program.

You say you "have not been successful".  Please provide more detail?

I have had success with VEE 4.01 for Windows and Direct I/O objects with
syntax lines like:

Here is the June-19-2000 VP6 Press Release:
"Agilent Technologies Introduces VEE Pro 6.0 with MATLAB(R) Script From the
Mathworks for Easy-To-Use Measurement-Specific Graphical Programming": ... 66004.html

One customer complained that he had trouble downloading the E2120G Agilent
VEE Pro 6.0 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Evaluation InstallShield archive file
(~34 Mb) from the data sheet page ... 2120G.html ,
so I copied that big veeeval60.exe file to near the top of one of our
postsales pages: ... index.html
Now customers have 2 pages to try downloading from.

Hope this helps!

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