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Re4: vrf Reading data from 8510C!

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 13, 2000
Thanks Stan,
     I'm much closer now with some of the pointers I've been getting from
the VRF.  My problem is/was the issue of different types of data being
returned from a single query.  The manual says whatever form of data I
choose, I should get back an INT for 'preamble', an INT for 'size', and a
RARRAY for the datset.  I wasn't able to do this on my own.  One solution I
got is either ignoring the pre-amble and size responses or taking advantage
of a particular output form that doesn't have the preamble and size
responses.  Another response I just got mentions changing the Direct I/O
config of the instrument to handle the Preamble, this sounds more reasonable
to me, but since I've already started on the first and don't want to spend
more time than today on this problem, I'm running with the first solution.

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"MORRISON,SCOTT (A-Sonoma,ex1)" <> wrote:
> I don't think cntrl C worked for me yesterday when I tried it.  I've tried
> analyzing the data output of the component driver, but neither component
> driver is returning the info I want or I'd probably settle for using it in
> my prog. <Data Array> returns the R and I data uncorrected (I need
> corrected), <Formatted Data Array> returns magnitude only (corrected).
> problem still remains how to read in the data.  I spent hours yesterday
> trying to understand and design a Vee implementation from the info in the
> luck.  Fortunately, I got an off-line reply from a guy at GE
> that may contain the answer.  I'm trying to understand it now.  Ironic
> I had to get my answer (if it works) externally, eh?
> -Scott

Yep. Ironic indeed. Official HP stance I've seen is that users
don't need/want drivers anyhow so they sure don't need/want help like this.
Sad to say the least. Maybe Agilent will join the new millenium.

In the meantime grab me if you need help and I'll do what I can. Likely
heading home this AM since I feel like I should be home in bed.


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