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vrf Reading data from 8510C! Got it...Thanks!

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 13, 2000
Thanks to all who got back to me with all the suggestions.  The finished
product is attached.  To summarize the changes....The first was to config
the direct I/O for binblock of #A.  Next, the read statements are all
reading in binblocks, so the data is already organized into two arrays (2D);
one for real and one for imaginary.


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Here is one I did several years ago.  It is not complete but it does the
major functions of read/write cal arrays and read the data.  You need to set
to set the Direct IO read mode to binblock #A in the Instrument Manager for
this to work.

Hope this helps,
Tom Sanders

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Subject: vrf Reading data from 8510C!

Does anybody out there have an example of a direct I/O object in vee reading
out corrected trace data from an 8510C?  I can do it with the component
drivers, but need to do it in a direct I/O where I have access to both the
real and imaginary data arrays.  Any help would be much appreciated!

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