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8753 NA

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 16, 2000
Hi Scott,
     I've found it much easier to deal with an array generated with the
ramp function (ramp[points,start,stop]) than to manipulate the mapped array.
Attached is an array interpolation routine you may find useful to extract
the data you want.
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Don't know how to do this from the mappings, but I can do it in a less
elegant fashion. See the following attachment.
Any Questions? don't hesitate.


Rick Hart

Hello all,

I am pulling an array from an 8753 network analyzer.
Also I query the start and stop Freq.'s.
using a set mappings I map the array from the start to the stop freq.
is there a way to use those mappings to find part of an array out of the
Ex Start 800M stop 900M and I need pass band 825 to 875 M.

I am attaching an example of what I am trying.

thanks for the help,

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