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Question asked by bernhardt on Apr 7, 2000
Hi Graeme,

I think I understand your problem. You have binary data in a string or in an
array. If you have a string, you have to transform the data to an array (
use an FromString objekt "READ TEXT x CHAR 1 ARRAY:*" ). Now you have to
calculate the time you needed for grabbing the digital data and build a
waveform with it. This output can be transfered to a waveform display. But
you get only a graph. The display can not show the data with an infinte
risetime. To display data this way you have to write a clever function to
transfer the data in coordinates and show them with an XY trace. A coord
array can contain two points with the same x value. The example only shows
the principle.

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Does anyone know of a way of displaying binary data as a
digital waveform within Vee. Ive tries experimenting with the
waveform displayer with no success.


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