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vrf Uncontrolled Program growth

Question asked by bwalden on Apr 6, 2000
Hi folks,

I'm sure this has been discussed previously but I've just stepped in it
and need some advice.  I'm using multiple instances of the ActiveX
ListView control in a program and have just discovered that the program
grows in size every time I run it.  I am assuming that HP's ActiveX
handling is responsible because I remember reading about this problem
previously.  Unfortunately, I don't remember if there was a solution.

I do not need to use any of the ListViews (which are in user objects)
for this problem to occur; all that's necessary is to load and run the
program.  An earlier version of the program used a TreeView (one of the
same set of MicroSoft Comm controls) and program growth did not occur.
This implies that perhaps not all the instances of ListView are causing
the problem but I don't know how to tell and even if I did, I wouldn't
know what to do about it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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