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array of byte

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 14, 2000

Hi Andre,

The smallest data unit VEE 5.x can handle is unfortunatly INT32. But if you
use the I/O->To File object with  "WRITE BINARY BYTE" transactions to a
temporary file, and then read it with an I/O->From File object with a "READ
BINARY INT32:ARRAY *" transaction, you'll get it all converted. Be sure to
check "Clear File At PreRun&Open" in the "To File" transaction to prevent
from reading old data (and include "EXECUTE CLEAR" in the last "From"
transaction). Also note that data should always be filled up to multiples of
4 bytes (=sizeof(INT32)).
The same method can be used to convert C-function return values from BYTE,
INT16 or whatever in VEE-compatible INT32 or REAL64 formats.

Due to Windows File I/O caching, I've experienced very small
performance loss.

Hope this works
Rolf Eichenseher <>
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