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Antwort: vrf NT priority

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 7, 2000
Hello Gerard,

i tried the functions get/set thread priority and GetCurrentthread if the
priority for vee e.g. is 15, than nothing else then veerun runs. If i put the
value e.g to 12 other programms runs also, but the thread priority of veerun is
normal in the task manager. If i put the priority in the task manager to
Realtime, the PC crashes and nothing works.

Manually i can put the Thread priority in the taskmanager to realtime and it
works, but i want to do it automatically.

We have two programs wich runs at the same time, and i must give veerun more
priority, otherwise it doesn't works like it should do.

Any other solutions?
Where can i get a handle of veerun and not of my vxe - program?


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