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Issue about analogLib/xfmr

Question asked by TNAKA on Jun 1, 2003
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2003 by TNAKA
"termOrder in simInfo->ads" of analogLib/xfmr is improper

When I netlist circuit including "analogLib/xfmr",
spectre's netlist is like following:
  PORT0 (in 0) port r=50 num=1 type=dc
  R0 (out 0) resistor r=50
  K0 (in 0 out 0) transformer n1=2 n2=1

For this topology ADS netlister gives following netlist:
  #uselib "ckt", "rfdePdc"
  rfdePdc:PORT0 in 0 num=1 r=50
  R:R0 out 0 R=50
  #uselib "ckt", "tf"
  tf:K0 in 0 out 0 T=(2)/(1)

Here node mapping for "tf:K0" is improper.
In ADS netlist, it has to be:
  tf:K0 in out 0 0 T=(2)/(1)

This bug is due to improper "termOrder in simInfo->ads" of analogLib/xfmr.
Currently termOrder is wrongly assigned to (P\+ P\- S\+ S\-),
but this has to be (P\+ S\+ P\- S\-).