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Any tip for translation of bsim3v3 of Spectre

Question asked by TNAKA on May 29, 2003
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2003 by TNAKA
Hi, expert.

I translated bsim3v3 model of Spectre to
ADS'model using nettrans(Netlist Translator (*) 230.300 Apr  6 2003).
Followings are extraction from model and translated one.
(1) Spectre model
model nch bsim3v3  {
    1: type=n
+ version=3.1
+ lmin=1.2e-06-dxl lmax=2.1e-05 wmin=1.005e-05-dxw wmax=0.000101
+ tnom=25 binunit=2
+ minr=1e-60 diomod=0 dskip=yes
+ capmod=0 nqsmod=0

(2) Translated ADS's model
model nch_1 MOSFET Version=3.1 Tnom=25 Paramchk=1 Idsmod=8 Capmod=0 W=5e-6 \
Tox=toxn Eg=1.12452 \
Sc=1.0e20 Imax=1 L=5e-6 NMOS=yes Lmin=1.2e-06-dxl Lmax=2.1e-05 \
Wmin=1.005e-05-dxw Wmax=0.000101 \
Binunit=2 \

Using these model, I compared Spectre and ADS results
for DC-ana, AC-ana and SP-ana under RFDE.
For simple amplifier circuit, DC operating point results
were same for Spectre and ADS.

But I can't get same result for AC-ana and SP-ana.
For example, s21's discrepancy is about 1.5dB,
s12'discrepancy is about 15dB.

Is there any tips for using bsim3v3 model of spectre in ADS ?