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Issues on rfdePdc and rfdePsin

Question asked by TNAKA on May 25, 2003
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2006 by TNAKA
If I use following component specification in Spectre,
  PORT1 (out 0) port r=50 type=dc
  PORT0 (out 0) port r=50 type=sine freq=1G ampl=5 mag=1

ADS netlister map these lines to following as ADS netlist.
  #uselib "ckt", "rfdePdc"
  rfdePdc:PORT1 out 0 r=50
  #uselib "ckt", "rfdePsin"
  rfdePsin:PORT0 out 0 r=50 Freq=1G Amplitude=5 acm=1

Here I noticed two improper issues on rfdePdc and rfdePsin.
When I run ADSsim for AC and TRAN using above netlist,
AC output is 0.5V and transient output have 1V DC offset.

These results aren't consistent with Spectre results.
AC output has to be 1V and DC offset has to be zero in transient result.

When I look into $HPEESOF_DIR/circuit/components/ckt.library
then see description about rfdePdc and rfdePsin,
I can find improper definition in them.
For example, "rfdePdc" is defined like following.

  define rfdePdc ( pos neg )
  parameters  num=1  Vdc=1 V  r=50 Ohm  acm=0  acp=0  Tnom=27  TC1=0  TC2=0  X=0
  Port:Term1  pos  _net66 Z=r+j*X  Noise=yes  Num=num
  V_Source:SRC1  _net66 neg Vdc=2*Vdc Vac=polar(acm,acp) SaveCurrent=1
  end rfdePdc

Default value for Vdc is 1V, but this is not appropriate.
And Vac is polar(acm,acp), but this is also improper.

So my requests for improvement in rfdePdc and rfdePsin are:

(1) Default value for Vdc of rfdePdc should be 0V.
(2) Vac has to be polar(2*acm,acp) not polar(acm,acp) in both rfdePdc and rfdePsin.