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EMPro Python Scripting Problems

Question asked by kfricke on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2011 by bdegreve

I am currently evaluating EMPro 2011, I am using the Python Scripting feature and have a few questions.

1. Other then the Demo scripts is there any other documentation available for the scripting. I have found the html file which has all the module and function info in it but I was wondering if there was anymore info about all the different functions, ie a manual etc.

2. The main thing I am working on currently is reading in a text file which contains a bunch of points in the form X,Y,Z coordinates. I want to read these points into EMPRO to create a 3D model.I am currently creating a sketch with the different vertices using PolySketch. It imports as a wire body however I cannot run any FEM simulations on this. I tried to use SweepPath function to sweep another sketch along the path in the text file, however it when I do this the created model is not correct. Does any one know a simpler way to do this in Python? I am new to EMPro. I just want to import these points and run a FEM simulation on it.

3. Other then the online resources available for EMPro is there any more manuals / tutorials available anywhere?