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Meshing Setup

Question asked by RodgeFerrez on Jun 20, 2011
The reason for this topic is to ask for some helping with EMPro. I'm about to graduate in Electrical Engineering and to that I'm supposed to elaborate a monograph with any subject related to the course to a examining bureau.
The subject chosen by me is related to wireless power transmission (witricity) and that's the reason why I chose EMPro to help me with the computational modeling. I found some articles in Agilent's Home Page that included a model and some examples related to the subject I want to explore.
I've been trying so hard to simulate the behavior of two magnetic coils in a resonant coupling in order to evaluate the effect of electromagnetic field, efficiency, etc. All that I'm exposing here can be seen in the following link: ... r+Transfer.
Even though, I was not successfully in getting the desired results when I set a distance between coils above 1500 mm. I've tried many values and combinations for the mesh values, but none of then worked satisfactorily. I'd be I lot pleased if you could help me giving some instruction on what to do to achieve this objective.

Thanks a lot;