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vrf vee 6.0: execute file problems when pathfile includes an

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 29, 2000

Are you enclosing your paths in quotes?  This is the only way you will
get embedded spaces to work.  It's an OS requirement, not a VEE issue.
Can you give us a quick example of what works in VEE 5, but not VEE 6?
This would be helpful.

Mike Groves,
UltraRF, Inc.

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Subject: vrf vee 6.0: execute file problems when pathfile includes an space

Hi all,
We have an application running in a PC with VEE 5.1 and windows NT 4.0 as
operative system. Recently, we decided to migrate to VEE 6.0 as we thought
that the application should be fully compatible and no changes in the code
was needed. However, part of the application fails. The reason is very
simple: with VEE 6.0 you can not execute  a file if the pathfile includes a
space. It only gets the path up to the space and then it does not find the
file to execute. We have updated to VEE 6.01 but the problem persists.
Although we could avoid the problem easily by changing the directory name or
including a direct acces to the file, we wander if there is a patch to fix
this bug and avoid the "bureaucracy"associated to an application change.



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