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vrf Quick computer problem

Question asked by aufenanger on Oct 30, 2000
Dear Reiner,

I fear that will not help. Because I am sure, that the measurement is
finished and there is no error. I got the impression that the inner IEC bus
driver within the LCR meter causes this problem. Adressing as a listener is
not quick enough. Problem is that running the program with the bus monitor
does not show the problem. Unfortunately I don't have a IEC analyser.

Best regards
B. Aufenanger
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Most GPIB instruments have a status register that you can poll to see if it
is ready to accept more commands - the instrument sets a particular bit in
the register when it has completed all current operations.  This object is
under I/O>Adavanced I/O>Device Event.  You will have to consult the
programming manual for that instrument to determine which bit is set for a
ready status.

Hope this helps,

R. Schlieker

>>> B Aufenanger <> 10/27/00 07:13AM >>>
Dear users,

In the last weeks I got several times into problems because our customers
changed there computers to newer ones. Problem was that the program asked
for the next data's before the measurement equipment was ready to do so. I
was looping in measure and asking for errors of the system (HP 4263B). After
several seconds the error occurred: invalid query. With a waiting time after
asking for errors it works fine.
In our office we have an old HP computer series 300 to simulate all of the
measuring equipment at our customers. This computer instead of the real
LCR-meter showed no problem at all.
Does anyone has an idea what this can be. Because I hate waiting times.
Defined protocol of IEEE-Bus system should solve this problems by itself. PC
has to wait until he is correctly addressed as talker and PC is correct
addressed as listener before talking. Using waiting times is like a bomb
which will explode in the next years.
I am using NT and a HP IEEE-card HP82350A.

Best regards
B. Aufenanger
Somatec B. Aufenanger & M. Bernhardt
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