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vrf Chromatography programs

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 19, 2000

          Please forgive my ignorance if I am not doing this
correctly. I have been a digest reader for some time now and this is my
first message to you all. My name is Tim Ludy, I am the product marketing
manager at Data Translation for the data acquisition group. I'm inquiring to
see it anyone has a line on any shareware programs aimed at chromatography
that are written in VEE that I might be able to use for demonstration
purposes. Thanks for any feedback.

     Best regards,
     Tim Ludy
     Product Marketing Manager
     Data Translation Inc.
     100 Locke Dr.
     Marlboro, MA. 01752
     Tel: 508-303-1274
     Fax: 508-481-3080

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